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Healing mentorships

Image by Ave Calvar

Soul Coaching

How to find your purpose and live a life of passion

Six week course of two hours per week where you will learn strategies for authenticity, loving kindness, gratitude, positivity, healthiness in body, mind and soul and how to develop a non-reactionary approach to life.

Includes three mentoring sessions and ongoing support.

The cost of this 12 hour training course is $500.00 per person.


Reiki Level 1 Training Course

​A practical introduction to the human energy field, the meridians and chakras which make up the bodies subtle energy system.

Receive an individual Reiki Level 1 attunement, learn the history and story of Mikao Usui’s quest and the powerful healing energy, self-healing techniques and hands-on practice session.

The cost of this two-day (12 hours) course is $500.00 per person, which includes:

- An internationally recognised certificate.

- Comprehensive course manual.

- Lifelong support post training via email or telephone.

- Complimentary monthly practice group meetings.

- Morning and afternoon tea. 

Image by Fa Barboza

Reflexology and Oncology Care

Build confidence working with cancer patients

Includes theory, practical training and three mentoring sessions post-workshop. 

This 2-day workshop is available every month in person or via Zoom.

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